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Audio Mastering


We know that no mix is complete until it has been mastered. That's why we offer our professional tools and expertise to take your stems, stereo mixes, or raw tracks to completion. Let us help you achieve the polished and professional sound that you deserve.

Analog Round-Trip

Premium analog audio outboard equipment can give your "in-the-box" production the professional and classic sheen digital productions lack. By summing, processing, and reprinting your materials via analog signal chains, we bring life to your program material!

Broadcast Ready

Our audio mastering service is the perfect solution for any type of publication. We have years of experience in finalizing audio for internet, radio, and CD/Vinyl releases, and are experts in delivering a polished and professional sound.

Browse Our Mastering Outboard Gear

16x Channels of Class-A Universal Audio Apollo A/D-D/A Conversion
16x Channels of Class-A API Analog Summing

API 2500+ Stereo Bus Compression/Limiting
Universal Audio 2-1176LN Master Bus All Tube Compression
SSL Fusion Stereo Analogue Color Processing
Manley All Tube Massive Passive Stereo Equalization

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